SFIII 3rd Strike Combo Video Roadmap

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition was released this week as an arcade-perfect port of the original game. Many people are playing 3S for the first time – and wondering what its combo system is capable of. Here’s a quick rundown of the best 3rd Strike combo channels around.

Most of these guys haven’t posted any new videos in a while, but maybe you can help change that by subscribing to their channels and voicing your support!

538 (of the group KYSG) – 538 is basically the TZW of 3rd Strike. On several occasions, other combo makers have had to cancel videos after seeing one of KYSG’s new releases. Every single one of his 3S videos is superb. Start from Vol. 1 and watch as many as you can handle.

rKf – While 538 used programmable controllers, all of the combovids produced by rKf were manually executed. His combos tend to focus on Urien and Dudley, but his later videos contain a much wider selection. Start with Vid No.1 and work your way through the other four.

SlimX – Every oldschool American 3S player recognizes the name SlimX from his awesomely creative and entertaining (manually-executed) videos, released before u2b even existed. Unfortunately he doesn’t have them on his channel, but maybe a few convincing comments will talk him into uploading them. In the meantime, check out his series of Random 3S clips.

Goryus – For those who don’t know, Goryus is the producer of 3rd Strike Online Edition. Before he started working at Capcom, he released a pair of 3S combovids spotlighting Makoto and Gill. After watching Goryus’ Makoto Combo Video, 538 said it covered everything he had thought of, and that he wasn’t going to try making a Makoto video anymore.

Sleepychino69 – Coming onto the 3rd Strike scene in recent years after most of the “old guard” retired, Sleepychino69 has some of the most technical SF3:3S combos around. Be sure to check out his Old Times video for a bunch of ridiculously character-specific setups.

his1nightmare – Specializing in charge characters such as Remy, his1nightmare is another relative newcomer who has continued to dig a little deeper into 3rd Strike after all these years. His latest SF3:3S Combo Video shows quite a bit of creativity and style.

DevilAzite – Instead of focusing on traditional combo videos, DevilAzite‘s forte is tool-assisted speedruns and choreographed match exhibitions. Check out his latest Training Session TAS fight between Ryu and Ken for a sample of match choreography.

That covers the majority of influential 3rd Strike combo authors. There are a few big names missing from the list above – such as Tosaka, RX, Mopreme, and Kamui – but they don’t have u2b channels as far as i know.

Lastly, if anyone currently happens to be working on a 3rd Strike combovid, let us know by posting a quick comment. Please include a link to your channel, a description of your project, and a rough expected release date. Don’t be shy, step right up!

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10 Responses to SFIII 3rd Strike Combo Video Roadmap

  1. Maj says:

    If you still want more after all that, here are a couple of amazing one-off vids:

    SFIII 3rd Strike Combo Video 2011 by Ryukenden

    SFIII 3rd Strike Combo Movie by 1S1nc

    And you can always browse through the ComboVid SF3:3S Archive for more.

  2. fenris says:

    How exactly does 3s stun work? Does it creates its own special juggle state when the opponent is stunned?

    • Maj says:

      No, the only major advantage of stun is that dizzy opponents don’t flip into invincible landing reel when they get hit by normal moves. For example with those standing jab juggles, you need to dizzy them first in order to keep them in knockdown state. But otherwise the juggle limits don’t change.

      On the ground, dizzy state extends hitstun by one additional frame – which enables certain link combos that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. But once you hit them after they’re dizzy, they return to normal and that one extra frame of hitstun disappears.

  3. fenris says:

    Ah, thats really cool, I always wondered how that was possible, thanks a lot Maj.

  4. his1nightmare says:

    Thanks for putting me into such a post, Maj :).

    Not sure if you want to add, but I also like to point people to this website:
    ( click the “move.html#combo” link on the left and look for “combo.wmv” )
    It lasts 12 minutes and shows for every character at least one very nice combo, including some combos which weren’t shown in any other video (like a Dudley clip with a whiffed SA3 in between of juggles).

    best regards

    • his1nightmare says:

      Though I am not familiar with Mopreme and Kamui, I hope neither created the video I linked, since I don’t know who actually did.
      Elseway, sorry.

    • Maj says:

      You don’t have to thank me sir; you deserve it. And i agree, Akablo‘s videos are amazing, especially considering how old they are.

      I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Mopreme and Kamui though. Guess they qualify as oldschool by today’s standards. All of their 3S combovids were released pre-Daigo-parry and i don’t think any of them were tool-assisted. They’re both from Texas, although Mopreme has spent some time in Japan.

  5. onReload says:

    Akablo is a great site, lots of important/awesome info if you can get through some of the translation barrier. I don’t know if akablo is one person, though, as “akablo” is the japanese abbreviation for “red parry,”* so it’s a nice fit for hardcore 3s…unless you’ve spoken with the site creator, maj = if so, is s/he friendly? I’d like to speak with whomever is behind this old site.

    *”akai” = red, “blocking/block” = parry…japanese players use “guard” for what we call “block”, and “block” for what we call “parry”…Hooray, another Vega/Balrog/M.Bison situation.

  6. Maj says:

    Nope, i’ve never talked to him/them – mainly because that website seemed “finished” even when i first saw it years ago, so i assumed he was retired. And actually i’ve always wondered what to call him, because the website doesn’t seem to have a profile page. But i guess “Akablo” is unique enough until we figure it out.

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