Arkansas Regional Knockouts IV Promo

It seems quite a few big names are heading to Arkansas Regional Knockouts IV this year, so Snoooootch has put together a promo trailer for them. It also includes a quick teaser for a combo video that’ll be premiering at the event on September 17-18th, 2011 – and live on stream!

If you happen to live anywhere within driving distance, mark this event on your calendar and make sure to swing by. You can find detailed info at their event posting.

edited by GBS Giovanni and Snoooootch

released today, August 24th, 2011

bonus materials:
CV Teaser: SSF4:AE Combo Exhibition by Snoooootch

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6 Responses to Arkansas Regional Knockouts IV Promo

  1. Smileymike101 says:

    Keits did mention me on the contributors side when he posted this on srk, so i quit.

  2. Maj says:

    Haha i wouldn’t worry too much about it. Nobody reads that stuff anyway.

    Btw i added GBS Giovanni to the credits above. I didn’t know he was the one who edited the main portion of the trailer.

  3. Smileymike101 says:

    I would.I already have 0 recognition on the web.Not being mentioned anywhere i contribute to doesn’t help the cause lol.

  4. Maj says:

    Well, i think we might end up reposting the ComboVid portion of the trailer separately. I’m not sure if Keits would be willing to repost that on SRK, but i’ll send him a note to write your name first if he does.

  5. Maj says:

    Looks like you got your wish sir. I wasn’t expecting them to repost it. Way to go SRK!

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