Evo 2011 Hype and Community by heday and yoooooon

Filmed and edited entirely at Evo2k11, these vids were actually shown on the big screen on Sunday. The main subject is the meaning of “hype” – a surprisingly rare commodity outside the fighting game community. It contains insightful interviews from a number of familiar faces.

bounce zoom at 0:24, puzzled hands at 0:36, polite hype theory at 0:53, overseas hype at 1:07, “don’t wanna choke” at 1:43, and “world tournament” at 2:27

“that’s something, dude” at 0:30, #boredgirlfriend at 0:48, gladiatorial nationalism at 1:15, ballroom entrance at 1:51, “so much going on” at 2:27, and “Evolution every year” at 3:15

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recorded on July 29th-30th, 2011 at Evo2k11

filmed and edited by Richard Li aka heday

hostd by Alexander Yoon aka yoooooon

originally debuted on July 31st, 2011 at Evo2k11

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2 Responses to Evo 2011 Hype and Community by heday and yoooooon

  1. Snoooootch says:

    Man! The camera used for this is amazing! I want one! And why does Yoooooon have 6 Os?!?! That bastard!

  2. Rufus says:

    For whatever reason, I get a huge kick out of the japanese style roof raising at 1:26.

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