SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#02 by Keiko

After a long wait, Keiko’s second volume of insanely technical Street Fighter Alpha 2 combos is finally here. Once again it’s a fast-paced short video, containing seventeen full combos featuring a wide assortment of characters. And this time, it’s tool-assisted for even crazier setups!

SFZ2A Guy Bushin Chain interrupt at 0:49, SFA2 Sodom lvl1 super to CC at 1:06, SFA2 Rose superpowered drill at 1:12, SFZ2A Dhalsim fancy fireball CC at 1:19, SFZ2A Ken linkfest at 1:38, and SFZ2A Shin Akuma damage exhibition at 1:51

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combos and editing by Keiko

soundtrack: S.S.H. – Maximum Speed (Contra)

transcript and explanations:

released today, July 18th, 2011

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5 Responses to SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#02 by Keiko

  1. CPS2 says:

    Every combo in this video is sick >_< excellent stuff Keiko

  2. Don Vecta says:

    FUCK ME~! This has to be one of the craziest and coolest SFZ2 CMV’s I’ve ever seen! I loved how creative you can be with those set ups! Awesome job, buddy!

  3. Keiko says:

    Thank you guys! ^^ i’m really glad you liked it!

  4. phoenix says:

    Mind = Blown. Fantastic job Keiko.

  5. Maj says:

    Making this the Vid of the Week for 07.18.2011!

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