MvC3 Spencer/Wesker/Sentinel Combos by jamheald

This specialized Marvel vs Capcom 3 team combo video showed up on SRK yesterday and it’s pretty awesome for anyone who plays any of the three. There are lots of partical combos starting from each of the three characters on point, and almost all of them end in the opponent dying.

MvC3 Spencer/Wesker single-bar air throw death at 0:38, Wesker wall bounce teleport at 2:59, Wesker counter super starter at 4:10, and Sentinel corner throw to double-tag death at 5:14

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combos and editing by jamheald

released yesterday, June 24th, 2011

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  1. jamheald says:

    Thanks for sorting my account out. As I said on Twitter it means a lot to get recognition from you Maj.

  2. Maj says:

    Don’t even mention it dude, it’s the least i could do after all the comments you’ve posted on Sonic Hurricane. Running a website like this becomes a lot easier when it’s supported by active discussion.

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