SF4-Series Combo Challenge 1 Results by Doopliss

A month has gone by since Doopliss issued his “10%-or-less damage super” SF4-series challenge and he’s prepared a video to check off all submitted solutions in addition to filling in some blanks.

Finding valid solutions for all but four SSF4 characters was no small task, yet Doopliss managed to succeed (with Internet Assist). Click on the annotations at the beginning of the video to check out his favorite submissions, and watch the rest for the missing pieces.

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challenge gameplay and editing by Doopliss

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door OST – Character Abilities
Ys (Sega Master System) OST – Holders of power
Hokuto Musou OST – Time of Fate
Soul Calibur IV OST – Thanatos
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter OST – Theme of Dan
Naruto OST – Strong and Strike

challenge rules and explanations:

released today, May 15th, 2011

full set:
SF4-Series Combo Challenge 1 Video Responses

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4 Responses to SF4-Series Combo Challenge 1 Results by Doopliss

    • Doopliss says:

      You sad that you weren’t mentioned? The reason for that is that this was a biased list (obviously), and I alrady had a similar Fei Long Solution in mind, so it didn’t suprise me as much. If I could’ve fit some more names in there, you would’ve been there though.

  1. Maj says:

    Making this the Vid of Week for 05.09.2011 because this is how you do a combo challenge solutions video!

  2. Maj says:

    Btw the frame data for SSF4 Akuma’s far s.LP is wrong. It’s listed as +5 frame advantage, equal to c.LP despite having the same active frames and 2 less recovery.

    All they did to remove SF4 Akuma’s far s.LP, far s.HK loop from SSF4 was to worsen far s.HK startup to connect on the 8th frame instead of the 7th. His far s.LP still gives +7 advantage, so all you need is a 1-frame meaty setup to raise it to +8.

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