SF4-Series Combo Challenge 1 by Doopliss

Taking a break from recording alternate trial solutions, Doopliss came up with his own original challenge for Street Fighter IV players: “Do a 10%-or-less damage super.” Even though the rules are simple, the challenge itself is quite difficult for most characters. Give it a shot!

Even the example provided is very complicated, in terms of proper spacing and timing. However a lot of it depends on selecting the right characters, so choose wisely. Make sure you follow all of the rules and submit your response by May 15th, one month from tomorrow.

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challenge gameplay and editing by Doopliss

soundtrack: Hokuto No Ken 2 – I Kill The Fight

released today, April 14th, 2011

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7 Responses to SF4-Series Combo Challenge 1 by Doopliss

  1. Snoooootch says:

    I have the perfect one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesss, I finally get to submit a fei long combo!

  2. smileymike101 says:

    There’s already the perfect fei response.Sorry Snoooootch :(

  3. Doopliss says:

    Lol, I didn’t realize it wasn’t Snoooootchs XD

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