MvC3 Arthur Combo Video by Persona

Continuing his exploration of obscure Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters, Persona’s latest video focuses on Arthur. He’s certainly an unorthodox character for a fighting game, but he fits right in with MvC3’s colorful roster. More importantly, his combos are creative and fun to watch.

MvC3 Arthur midscreen craziness at 0:27, Arthur six-meter double-armor combo at 2:07, and Arthur full-screen lancing at 2:32

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combos by Persona

edited by error1

soundtrack: MvC3 OST – Arthur Theme

released today, March 31st, 2011

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  1. Maj says:

    Kind of a slow week, but i think this deserves to be the Vid of Week for 03.28.2011!

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