I Collect Ducks!! by Tuka and Novril

Although this BlazBlue: Continuum Shift video contains over a dozen Lambda-11 combos, you’ll find it hard to follow the action once you start paying attention to the amusing music subtitles.

BBCS Lambda-11 vs Tager at 1:35, Lambda-11 vs Tager at 2:07, and duck-dog at 3:07

combos by Tuka (aka Fu3l)

edited by Novril (aka tataki)

soundtrack: Ultra Vomit – Je Collectionne Des Canards (Vivants)

originally released on September 4th, 2010

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One Response to I Collect Ducks!! by Tuka and Novril

  1. Ah Sir Alex says:

    LOL I’m french and I can assure you that this song make it almost impossible to focus on the combos. It is the sunshine of this rainy day. Love it !

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