X-Men: COTA Combo Video Vol.2 by izumojin

It looks like izumojin is wasting no time in continuing his amazing X-Men: Children of the Atom combo series. This episode is even crazier than the first, featuring the entire cast of villains.

COTA Spiral sword 37-sword combo at 1:23, Akuma air fireball array at 2:33, Juggernaut throw tech insanity at 3:05, and Magneto 45-second combo at 3:33

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combos and editing by izumojin

Guilty Gear XX OST – I-No’s Boss Theme (The Midnight Carnival)
BlazBlue Calamity Trigger OST – Arcade Opening

released today, March 26th, 2011

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5 Responses to X-Men: COTA Combo Video Vol.2 by izumojin

  1. Maj says:

    MvC3 looks amazing overall, but Magneto was definitely the biggest casualty of the transition to 3D. His 2D sprite is just so much cooler.

    I’ve thought about it and what i don’t like about MvC3 Magneto is how his animations (especially j.MK) are more human, whereas he was half-demon in MvC2. His sprite movements were so much more sudden and authoritative. He kind of lost that “I was born a boss character” intensity which carried through all of his 2D versions.

    • onreload says:

      I agree with this, mostly, and he’s a bit too stiff more my tastes (his body is always straight up and down, like he has a backbrace.) I do like his into-flight animation though, the little cape twirl is nice.

  2. Keiko says:

    Awesome stuff! The Spiral Combo was just sick!
    In case you need them, here are the names of the song used:

    – Guilty Gear XX – “Boss I-No’s Theme – The Midnight Carnival”
    – BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Arcade Opening.

  3. darcontek says:

    Wow this is great stuff. I’m glad to see combo videos that are about combos instead of wasting minutes of my life with editing. :p

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