MvC3: The Brawl Vol. 2 by Juan Fra

Barely two weeks after his first Marvel vs Capcom 3 combovid, Juan Fra has completed a second volume of material without any X-Factor usage whatsoever. These combos were recorded before the recent update, but most of them should still work in the new version.

MvC3 Ryu vacuum upbeam at 0:05, Arthur fireworks at 1:28, Hulk asteroid armageddon at 1:56, Tron/Spider-Man DHC reset at 3:38, and Iron Man Proton Cannon overkill at 4:34

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combos by Juan Fra

edited by Keiko

soundtrack: SSH – Ultimate Destroyer

transcript and explanations:

released today, March 22nd, 2011

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  1. Bob Sagat says:

    That was intense.

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