KoFXII CMV Ankoku Edition by Dark Chaotix

After a lengthy unexpected delay, the last King of Fighters XII combovid from Dark Chaotix is finally complete. It contains six minutes of stylish CCs, showcasing nearly the entire roster.

KoFXII Clark high juggle air throw at 1:07, Raiden fancy whiff cancels at 2:55, Kim fancier whiff cancels at 3:30, Athena midscreen glide at 4:13, and Terry sparkles at 5:33

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combos by Dark Chaotix

edited by Ryuworks

soundtrack: Professor Kliq – Bust This Bust That (Second Movement)

originally released on February 25th, 2011

bonus materials:
The King Of Fighters XII Trailer – “17” by Dark Chaotix and Ryuworks

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One Response to KoFXII CMV Ankoku Edition by Dark Chaotix

  1. Tigre III says:

    Brutal work, i really love it!
    There are a lot of stylish combos here, like the Kim combo at 3:30, the Athena crossup at 2:25 or the Ash one at 3:38 with the whiffed DM. Really nice.
    And with the Ryusens edition, the CMV becomes brutal…

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