Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Screenshot Set by Ryukenden

It’s been a long time since we had any new guest screenshots around here, so Ryukenden sent in this exclusive batch of SF3:3S stills to remedy the situation. Ryu, Ken, Sean, Akuma, Alex, Yang, Necro, Twelve, and Q are the featured characters.








download link:
(full set contains four additional screenshots)

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4 Responses to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Screenshot Set by Ryukenden

  1. Ryukenden says:

    I took these long time ago, but I’ll try to remember how I did it:

    #1 Ken’s MK hits Ryu’s c.HP screenshoted at proper time.

    #2 When Ryu’s target combo HP>HK is done on Yang, HK whiffs. Yang’s recovery animation “grabs” Ryu’s HK.

    #3 Twelve’s B+MK vs Ken’s MK screenshoted at proper time.

    #4 Akuma’s Demon Flip Kick and Necro’s jump forward MP done while they were both at same side of screen.

    #5 Sean’s Dragon Punch vs Alex’s D+HP.

    #6 When Necro’s SA1 vs Q’s SA2 collide they have some freeze time. Then crazy glitch happens where Q is frozen in hit animation and Necro just combo on him.

    #7 Ken’s SA2 done on Akuma’s KKZ.

  2. krusan says:

    I never get tired of those screenshots. Nice job!

  3. onreload says:

    the gouki/necro totem is hilarious

  4. Bob Sagat says:

    Ryu: “Tee hee, stop tickling me!”

    Good stuff. Sean vs Alex looks like the start of an epic collision.

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