SF4 TACV 15: Balrog by Maj

The fifteenth episode of the Street Fighter IV Biweekly(ish) TACV series features none other than the Champ, the Raging Buffalo – the one and only Balrog!

SF4 Balrog excessively complicated counterhit meaty setup at 0:43, Balrog movelist at 1:17, and everything dying from 1:40 onward

combos and editing by Maj

soundtrack: SF4 OST – Drive-In At Night Stage Theme

transcript and explanations:

released today, January 29th, 2011

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8 Responses to SF4 TACV 15: Balrog by Maj

  1. error1 says:

    really nice, specialy the double final combo

    that overhead, j. lp at 0:48 doesn’t actualy combo does it?

  2. onreload says:

    i know, i kept rewatching it and trying to count the ultra hits, but they’re pretty tightly together

  3. Maj says:

    It does, actually. His options are dashoverhead, j.LP or counterhit dashoverhead, j.HP or dashoverhead xx FADC, j.HK but in this case j.LP was the most convenient, especially since it magically works going backward as well.

    Although i got totally lucky with the dizzy numbers working out. Originally what i wanted to show was the first 6-hit combo and the last 3-hit combo into (7-hit) ultra. But that pair combines for 995 stun, which leaves me in need of a 100-point knockdown to set up the meaty while avoiding Sagat’s 1100 stun limit.

    Rog’s got a few of those (LP dashsweep or LK dashsmash or B+LP+LK throw) but nothing i could combo without going over the limit.

    So i tried other things and discovered that crazy EX dashpunch meaty setup in the process, then got super lucky with that j.LP dizzying at the exact right time. Way more stylish than the other options i was considering. Plus it helps that it does so little damage and contributes to reducing the ultra at the end, so Sagat doesn’t have to die and slow down the video in the process.

    So yeah, very very lucky.

  4. n00b_saib0t says:

    damn, i lost track of the number of times i said “dude what the F” out loud while watching this.

    great work, well worth the wait. the combo against akuma was dope, ridiculously stylish, and all the death combos at the end were very cool.

  5. krusan says:

    Brilliant as always. I specially liked the vs Guile and vs Blanka ones.

  6. Siedler Pompiani says:


  7. Pokey86 says:

    Exceptional, i loved the multifocus combo against Rose, but everything was fantastic. (the whiffed hit on Sagat was great)

  8. Maj says:

    In case anyone cares, the transcript is up now. I think i covered all the essential questions, but if anything’s missing or unclear, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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