Neo vs Clockw0rk: The Final Chapter

Dogface and striderzer0 put together this trailer to hype up the exhibition match between Neo The Prodigy and Clockw0rk the MvC2 legend – slated for West Coast Warzone 3 this weekend.

in Dogface’s own words:
“This upcoming weekend at WCW, Neo (the Socal Golden Boy who’s undefeated in high stakes Money Matches) will face off against SHGL-Legend and EVO Top-8er Clockwork. It should be as hype as hype can be. So hype that I asked Valle, Wong, Mike Ross and Yipes their thoughts on the matchup.”

produced and edited by striderzer0 and Dogface

released today, January 14th, 2011

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3 Responses to Neo vs Clockw0rk: The Final Chapter

  1. onreload says:

    Damn, that was good stuff. First few matches lagged like crazy for me on Firefox, so I switched to Chrome and it was good…I really wanted Clockw0rk to win, though. 15-12 ain’t bad though

  2. Maj says:

    That was most exciting, intense, terrifying, inspiring, and depressing thing i’ve seen all year.

  3. onreload says:

    why depressing? ’cause clock lost?

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