SSF4 Even More Zero Damage! by Combonauts

The Combonauts are back with another Super Street Fighter IV “Zero Damage” exhibition! With meter restrictions out of the way, the choreography gets even crazier in this episode.

SSF4 Juri vs Ibuki acrobatic sequence at 0:44, Bison vs Seth teleport-happy sequence at 1:20, Rose mirror reflect sequence at 2:52, and matching Taunt quartets at 3:35

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gameplay and editing by Tigre III and Krusan (collectively Combonauts)

soundtrack: Iron Maiden – Trooper

released today, December 24th, 2010

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6 Responses to SSF4 Even More Zero Damage! by Combonauts

  1. onreload says:

    loved that gief/juri part, and the gouken/gouki double shoryu.

    also how many satellites can you have out at once?

  2. Woe Is You says:

    Yeah, that Juri/Gief ending was like a moment from a comedy. Both whiff their ultras and then laughter ensues.

    Oh, and merry christmas guys.

  3. Maj says:

    Speaking of Christmas, were the festive red/green Seth colors intentional?

  4. krusan says:

    Onreload: From what we know you can have 4 satellites at once = Two U2 at once. In a mirror match, there can be, as shown, a total of 8 satellites.
    Maj: The Seth colors were chosen only to make them quite diferent one from the other, in their normal state and when they change colors during the super so, the christmas theme was unintentional.
    Thanx for all comments.

  5. Maj says:

    Retroactively making this the Vid of Week for 12.20.2010!

    (Sorry, totally forgot to do it Monday.)

  6. Tigre III says:

    No problem Maj!
    Finally you are applying your new philosophy to the community … take it easy!!
    Hehehehehe you are on the way!

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