Stride Or Die

This Strider exhibition (featuring MvC, MvC2, Namco vs Capcom, and Strider 2) is actually over a year old, but it’s still pretty awesome. Blazt The Speakerz uploaded it in high quality this week and sent me the link, so here it is again for your viewing pleasure.

MvC Strider crossover wall jump at 3:31, NvC Strider combo at 4:13, MvC double Strider 100% damage at 6:47, MvC Strider meaty slide at 9:21, and MvC Strider midscreen insanity at 10:40

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combos and editing by CSVagrant and Blazt The Speakerz

Strider BGM – Defense Raid
Soul Calibur – Darkness of Fate
S.S.H. – Tecboss
Kosaka Riyu – Ignore (Instrumental)
Immediate Music – Heavens Warrior
Street Fighter 4 OST – Abel’s Theme
Fatal Fury – Geese Howard’s Theme

download site:

originally released on March 25th, 2009

bonus materials:
Stride Or Die Trailer (Widescreen 16:9) | (Standard 4:3)

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2 Responses to Stride Or Die

  1. Maj says:

    That combo at 10:40 was probably my favorite – lots of midscreen crossups going on. Fun video all around, especially if you like Strider. The name is pretty clever too.

    The only critique i can think of has to do with the editing – the video takes a little too long to get to the point, and some of the effects are overkill. Also i don’t like throw resets in combo videos, but i guess that’s just personal preference.

  2. supersonic1453 says:

    I thought the NxC was a bit superfluous, but I guess if you’re gonna have Strider 2, then why not?

    I dunno, I guess I’m still mad about that game being really really long for no reason, and KOS-MOS being far and away the best character in that game.

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