SFEX3 Emotional Flow Video by ShinjiGohan

Street Fighter EX3 is a tag-team fighting game where each character has a separate super meter. When one character dies during a match, both super meters combine and the survivor inherits the six-bar limit. These combos demonstrate that mechanism, called “Emotional Flow.”

SFEX3 Darun vertical crossup juggle at 1:42, Ken mashing at 4:32, Ryu midscreen juggle links at 5:43, Sagat mashing at 6:01, Sakura Taunt at 6:18, Skullo triple crossup juggle at 7:04, Hokuto stylish momentaries at 7:19, Vega lvl3 wall dive at 7:38, and Dhalsim insanity at 8:14

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combos and editing by ShinjiGohan

Final Fantasy Tactics OST – Enemy Soldiers Attack
Final Fantasy Tactics OST – Unavoidable Battle
Final Fantasy Tactics OST – Decisive Battle
Final Fantasy Tactics OST – Tension 1
Orange Range – Asterisk

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originally released on January 17th, 2007

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10 Responses to SFEX3 Emotional Flow Video by ShinjiGohan

  1. Bob Sagat says:

    In EX2 the maximum amount of hits on Sagat’s Tiger Storm wasn’t achieved by mashing, but by correctly timing button presses to coincide with the three preceding hits of the Super, before he does the actual projectile. Did this change in EX3? (Never played it)

    Pretty awesome vid btw, I like the D.Dark/Nanase “back and forth” combos, with their sort of stationary projectiles.

  2. Maj says:

    I don’t like Doctrine Dark because he’s trying to kill Guile. Not cool bromigo.

    Not too sure about Sagat’s lvl3 super. I always just mashed it out, but then again i didn’t play Sagat too often.

  3. Bob Sagat says:

    You don’t like him anyway!
    8 Indra Bridges btw. Dayum.

    • Maj says:

      Nah he’s alright, although his story sounds a bit fishy. I bet he made up the whole thing. I mean who are you gonna believe: your trusty buddy Guile, or some shady psycho who throws bombs in a Street Fighter game?

  4. SofaKingAC says:

    Sagat’s Tiger Storm is the same in EX3, as far as I can remember.

    I liked the idea of Momentary Cancels. Actually seems like something you could build a whole game around.

    My favorites:
    Chun linking Legs into whatever she wants at 1:00, Evil Ryu non-combo into Denjin at 2:44, Kairi hit reel shenanigans at 3:44, Guile dancing at 5:17, and Shadow meter-wasting juggle at 6:33.

  5. chicobo329 says:

    I can identify every track in this video for you! They’re from my all time favorite strategy RPG: ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’ except for the last track of course. All titles I’m using are from the Japanese OST release:

    0:08-0:59 Enemy Soldiers Attack
    1:07-2:49 Unavoidable Battle
    2:53-5:13 Decisive Battle
    5:16-7:52 Tension 1

    The last track from 7:56-8:51 is Asterisk by Orange Range, used notably in the first opening to the anime ‘Bleach’. It seems to be rather out of place from the rest of the songs in this video!

    SFEX3 looks like a fun game, even if it’s a bit dated. I like the treasure trove of combo options when you have craptons of meter. Plus some of the exclusive characters look rather funny.

  6. n00b_saib0t says:

    awesome. i loved the chun li and dhalsim combos.

  7. Bob Sagat says:

    I just looked it up, in SEX3 you mash the Tiger Storm. Too bad, I liked the lightning strikes when you got the timing right in EX2.

    • shinjig says:

      in EX2P you are given 5 chances to accurately time the button presses to get max damage. In EX3 the timing is still the same however from what I can tell you aren’t limited to 5 chances. So I normally end up double tapping each strike and I’ll normally get it.

      The final song was a hard choice, I only had 2 combos left to cover with songs so I tried to pick one that was short and sweet. But yeah didn’t really mix with the rest of the FFT OST tracks that I used.

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