A Tribute To TZW-ART?

It’s impossible to overstate the impact of TZW’s works on the entire fighting game community. He set the standard for combo video excellence – before the internet became a household utility, back when most people were completely unaware of the boundaries he was pushing. In light of XSPR’s recent interview with TZW-ART? here’s a montage honoring his contributions.

TZW is number one! All others are number two or lower.

Before anyone complains about poor video quality, keep in mind that all of this footage was originally recorded and distributed on VHS cassettes. Back in the day, we’d be lucky to see a fifth generation copy of a TZW tape. To me, those scratches and flickers are part of the charm.

combos by TZW-ART?

edited by Maj

source footage:
TZW’s Video vol.7: Long Distance Runaround
Disk-18 SSF2X code-name: Maxion revision.A

Sublime – KRS-One
90 Day Men – Chronological Disorder

further explanations:

originally released on March 3rd, 2008

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4 Responses to A Tribute To TZW-ART?

  1. Maj says:

    It’s been two years since i made this video, so i’m kind of looking at it with fresh eyes and realizing that some people might not understand the subtitles and quotes. “Let’s see the same combo with a super” and “Put a Sonic Boom in the middle” probably don’t sound too flattering. Does it seem like we were trying to be ironic?

    Because let me assure you, that’s not what’s going on here at all. This isn’t easy to explain, but the truth is, TZW videos are not perfect and that’s what makes them so awesome. They have personality. But there’s more to it than that.

    I think creativity is marked by imperfection more often than not. The first time i saw a TZW video, i was absolutely blown away and there wasn’t a single negative thing i could say about it. Everyone i knew felt the same way. His videos were that good.

    For something to be so amazing, and still not perfect – i think that signifies being on the cutting edge. When i look at these videos, all i see is potential. That’s why it’s always exciting watching a TZW video.

    So if we make jokes about it or whatever, that’s not trying to take anything away from TZW. On the contrary, it’s to show that his style is so distinctive and so familiar, that we could identify a TZW video at first glance. It’s admiration and respect.

  2. Arc says:

    Pardon my ignorance but…What’s TZW stand for? I’m assuming its a person?

    • Maj says:

      TZW is an oldschool SF2 combo maker. He made combovids mostly for SF2 through ST, and SFA1/A2 for a little while.

      We don’t really know what TZW-ART? stands for. It’s just his nickname.

  3. SofaKingAC says:

    The first time I saw a TZW vid, I wasn’t exactly blown away, not having much insight into fighting games at the time. Now that I am more… let’s say “knowledgable”… regarding FGs, this tributes somewhat opens my eyes to something I’d missed my first time around. I honestly found the quotes funny and insightful, especially Jchensor’s “Because you can’t do 50 magic throws without doing 49 magic throws first.” which is true on multiple levels.

    I probably should have put this in the interview post, since that’s where the topic came up, but I will admit TZW is the reason I always keep a turbo controller on hand.

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