This multi-game collaborative combovid was made for the Sydney Summer Slam tournament held in Australia this weekend. It was produced by CPS2, with the unifying theme of showcasing Super Street Fighter IV characters in various classic fighting games.

SFZ2A Ken Shinryuken to CC juggle at 0:34, SFA3 A-Charlie triple super at 0:45, SF3:2I Ibuki insanity at 1:04, PF Chun Li corner combo at 1:22, SFA2 Sagat fireball arrays at 3:25, SF3:2I Ryu double Shinkuu Hadoken interrupt at 4:00, SFA Rose post-KO superfreeze at 4:20, SMB Haggar insanity from 5:20, SF3:NG Yang juggle at 5:50, and SFA3 A-Ryu corner juggle at 5:35

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combos by Buttermaker, CPS2, error1, jchensor, Keiko, Maj, oKutabareo, omni, Raging Hawk, Remxi, and Smileymike101

editing by CPS2

title animation by AtomicX

Volta Masters – IOU Remix
Danger – 11h30
Alchemist – Book of Rhymes

originally debuted on December 19th, 2010 at S3

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5 Responses to S3 CMV

  1. Keiko says:

    Amazing video.
    I personally liked a lot the A3 Gouki vs Gen combo at 2:10.

    • CPS2 says:

      Yeah that qualifies as a “Maj jump” right? But it wasn’t done by Maj!

    • Maj says:

      Haha actually one of the first things i tried using that trick (with jchensor’s help) was to use Gen’s wall jump to set up Guile’s LP Sonic Boom for a simultaneous hit with Guile’s sweep. I wanted to combo both c.HK hits, but that hella didn’t work. Let’s just say SFA3 is very weird and leave it at that.

  2. chicobo329 says:

    Which combos did you personally contribute to this, Maj, and could you provide a brief transcript or notes on them?

    I love the really high diversity of games used in this video: multi-game CMVs are among my favorites because it shows what one character can do in many different gameplay engines. The Ibuki madness on Alex was my personal favorite of this one!

    • Maj says:

      SSF2 Ken at 0:22, SFA2 Bison at 0:40, SF2CE Blanka at 1:52, CvS2 Blanka at 1:57, CvS2 Akuma at 2:28, SFA3 Gen at 4:14, MvC Zangief at 4:55, CvS2 Yun at 6:05, and CvS2 Blanka at 6:18.

      Um, most of it is pretty straightforward. If you have any specific questions, i’ll try to answer them.

      (Btw, making this the Vid of Week for 12.13.2010!)

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