SFA2 Combo Review ~ Chapter 4: Ken by Keiko

The fourth chapter in Keiko’s Street Fighter Alpha 2 comprehensive combo tutorial series features one of the top four characters in the game – Ken Masters.

SFZ2A Ken knee link at 3:09, SFZ2A Ken roll Shinryuken juggle at 3:13, SFA2 Ken crazy crossup meaty setup at 4:14, SFA2 Ken triple low strong at 4:28, SFZ2A Ken linking random buttons at 4:49, SFZ2A Ken advanced CC magic at 5:10, and SFZ2A Ken vs poor judgement at 5:31

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combos and editing by Keiko

soundtrack: UI-70 – Phantom Ensemble

transcript and explanations:

released yesterday, December 17th, 2010

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  1. supersonic1453 says:

    Pretty sure that’s the best remix of Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble I’ve heard yet.

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