SSFIV AE Trailer Featuring Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma

Capcom just released this Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition trailer, with the Japanese arcade release two weeks away. It features some gameplay footage of Yun and Yang, but only momentary portrait shots of Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma.

What do you guys think? It’s basically what you’d expect: cinematic cuts, hype music, text overlays, and extended previews of new characters Yun and Yang. I’m sure we’ll be seeing gameplay footage of the evil Shoto twins before long.

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6 Responses to SSFIV AE Trailer Featuring Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma

  1. flatluigi says:

    I’m disappointed that two of the promised six new characters are just shotos. I was really hoping for someone like Karin, Elena, or even R Mika.

  2. Doopliss says:

    There are no promised six characters. And don’t expect more than these 39.

  3. Snoooootch says:

    Well, there are a lot of new things showed in this trailer! Including the far standing Mp to hadoken from Ryu, better links from Cammy. EX Condor Dive from Tony Hawk, Dj’s ability to cancell to that EX kicks move from a lk (I think). Pretty neat stuff.

  4. Doopliss says:

    I wonder if EX dive will have juggle potential like the one after EX tomahawk does, that would be nice. And is there ANY character who have a special cancelable far s.HP at the moment, if you exlude characters who doesn’t have close and far variations, like Makoto, Gen and Dhalsim?

  5. Moony says:

    Akuma and Ryu were already probably the two most similar characters in the game. They’re very interesting from a story perspective, and I admit I would like to know what capcom does with them (I wasn’t disappointed with Gouken’s moveset when he was new, very interesting take on the shotos), but ultimately I feel this was a huge mistake compared to adding more playstyles. There are like three poking characters in SF4’s engine; as someone who has excelled in the zoning aspects I really feel like I can’t find a niche in SF4. Vega (Claw) is almost nothing like he used to be, only jump fierce, stand roundhouse, and crouch strong feel good to me, though I like the advent of EX FBA. Mostly safe, fullscreen presence.

    But if you compare SF4 Vega to SF4 Sagat, Sagat was BETTER in SF2 series and remained great for SF4, top tier. Vega was nerfed heavily for being “too mindless” though I think you’d find cammy/fei long vs O. sagat a lot more mindless. Bison and Balrog were also great characters in SF2 engine and remain so. Vega’s better since Super 4 but he’s lost a lot of playstyle for it. I’m particularly salty about his reversal options. He had what was effectively a flash kick in 2 but in this game, not only do you have to charge it, but you can’t FADC it to make it safe, and no versions, including EX, have invincibility. Why did they do that? Because he has backslash? That’s only good for avoiding chip damage, and only sometimes.

    Anyway what I was getting at is I was pressing for a character with nice long limbs, or maybe a stick (Rolento? Eagle?) since Dhalsim and Vega aren’t really doing it for me. It was probably budget issues but I’m not thrilled with these two, even compared to NOT getting new characters.

  6. Fireball says:

    I just think just because Evil Ryu in the past was merely a clone has very little precedent for what we’re going to see here, to say nothing of a new, playable Akuma.

    I’m going to give Capcom the absolute benefit of the doubt with this one until I see gameplay, especially because I seriously doubt Evil Ryu or Shin Akuma will play all that similar to the counterparts we’re currently enjoying.

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