Evolution 2010 Season Wrap Up Part 2 by jchensor

Following up on his previous article, jchensor gives us his take on the future of fighting games as mainstream competitive entertainment, focusing on what makes the genre good for spectators in particular. Here’s the link along with a brief quote:

Evolution 2010 Season Wrap Up Part 2 on Meet jchensor

You could have the greatest sport in the world, but if no one watches, it will never go anywhere. Yes, if you are an expert of your game, it is always fun to watch high level play no matter what because you are aware of things that are going on. But for a competitive game to prosper from a mainstream standpoint, it must be enjoyable for the casual viewer. And it’s this area that Fighting Games truly shine. They are, by far, the best game to watch for spectators. And the reason for this comes from three main factors: Viewer Information, Tangible Action, and Balanced Pacing.

What does he mean by those three factors? Click through and find out.

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