MatchVid of the Day: VDO vs Robust (MvC2)

Here’s the second match nominated by Snatcher after winning last week’s screenshot caption. It’s actually the full tournament set between VDO and Robust (aka Potter) from Evo2k9.

players: VDO (Ken/Colossus/Rogue) vs Robust (Sentinel/Storm/CapCom & Storm/Sent/Cable)

It’s hard to believe this actually happened and ended the way it did – a literal death race against the clock. For anyone who complains about top players playing safe with top tiers, this is why they have to do it. Because this only has to happen once; then you never live it down.

game: Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Console)

venue: Evolution 2009

recorded on July 18th, 2009

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3 Responses to MatchVid of the Day: VDO vs Robust (MvC2)

  1. Maj says:

    Hey does anyone remember if this happened in winners or losers bracket?

  2. sade says:

    i’ve never seen a 0-second comeback, ever, in any game before lol

    highlights: all of game 3

  3. Bob Sagat says:

    Awesome match.

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