CvS2 Akuma Combo Video by TheMuffinMan

Here is “the second in a series of character-specific combo videos leading up to an A-Groove exhibition video featuring most of the cast of Capcom vs SNK 2.” Apparently Dan is up next!

CvS2 C-Akuma meaty air fireball setup at 0:37, C-Akuma crossup air Hurricane Kick juggle at 1:13, A-Akuma corner exit CC at 1:41, and A-Akuma 75% damage CC at 2:11

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combos and editing by TheMuffinMan

soundtrack: The Grouch ft. Raphael Saadiq – Show You the World

released today, November 24th, 2010

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9 Responses to CvS2 Akuma Combo Video by TheMuffinMan

  1. onreload says:

    It gets a bit repetitive, though you are right on that awesome bit at 1:13, I think I heard my mouth open a bit on that last uppercut; did not expect it. I also love C-Groove guard break “combos”, which he has two of before the demon setup section. Overall cool stuff. Do people regularly call that corner change of position an “escape” combo?

  2. onreload says:

    Ah, so I see. When I was talking about the A-Groove (not C-Groove, oops) guard break “combos,” do you remember which CvS2 video had some intermission where Sagat is constantly doing a CC with Tiger Uppercut, then switching to Low Tiger Shot, then back to TU (IIRC)? It was pretty silly looking, with Sagat halfway underground during the uppercut spam.

  3. onreload says:

    Ahh, OK. Makes sense etc, i think i might have just seen it in a bigger video, and it seemed tighter (like it was TA or something). 6248p is a great channel, yes, don’t know why i didn’t look there. you’re too much with your links…but thanks

  4. PretendedZeal says:

    Can someone tell me why CvS2 gets no love in tourneys anymore? I’d love to watch high level players in the US…

    • Maj says:

      The biggest complaint that tournament organizers have against CvS2 is that it takes too long to run. Single matches can last over four minutes; sometimes even five.

      One of the main reasons ST has lasted for so many years is the fact that you can play a 2/3 set in under 3 minutes. That’s a pretty big deal, especially for major events with hundreds of entrants.

      Otherwise, the problem with CvS2 is that it’s too technical. There’s “more stuff” in CvS2 than in SSF4, but unfortunately it takes much longer to reach an intermediate level.

      I like CvS2 a lot and it’s still my favorite “Training Mode game,” but it’s simply not a particularly good fit for the “SF4 world” that we live in at the moment.

    • jchensor says:

      Another reason is simply that CvS2’s top players are all restricted to one area these days: Northern California. Outside of there, no one plays it. I admit that watching CvS2 played by the Northern Californians make the game SO great to watch, but it’s popularity is just not what it used to be anymore. So it’s much easier for tournaments to drop it (and, thusly, a need for PS2’s at their event).

    • PretendedZeal says:

      The long run time does make sense, I completely forgot about that. I won a couple tourneys at SacState when I used to go there (graduated in 05), but remember they took forever. Plus, I used K-groove and got a little ticked when folks started roll canceling my ass… But great game nonetheless!

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