SF3:3S TA Fight: Ibuki vs Necro by DevilAzite

DevilAzite’s seventh tool-assisted, choreographed Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike battle features the odd pairing of Ibuki and Necro, who complement each other surprisingly well.

SF3:3S Ibuki anti-anti-air Kunai 0:14, Ibuki command dash expo at 1:13, Necro far s.HP punish at 1:21, and Necro fancy corner juggle at 2:20

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gameplay by DevilAzite

released today, November 23rd, 2010

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  1. onreload says:

    The thing that’s interesting about Necro is he really only has one or two hit practical juggle combos (aside from his difficult db.HP juggle that works on a few characters) until you get them dizzied – then you can do all sorts of crazy things, some of which are actually very practical. Was glad to see use of that made here, as well as the strangely non-fluid animation when you do Necro’s HCF+K on a backwards opponent.

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