Weekly Screenshot: Tilting at Windmills

Whoever comes up with the best caption will win an unopened Street Fighter The Movie collector’s edition widescreen DVD – valued at $9.99 according to this sticker that won’t come off. As always, the rules are one entry per person. The winner will be chosen on … Tuesday.


RBFF2 Xiangfei cancels s.B into her Mogokoro Kiba (P. Power) super as CPU-controlled Alfred blocks and cancels into Augmentor Wing – his Break Shot (aka Alpha Counter).

Here are some alternate variants i captured along the way to the final version above:





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19 Responses to Weekly Screenshot: Tilting at Windmills

  1. onreload says:

    Save Yourself and Come Back for Me

    shortest thing I could think of next to “i will hold this volcano/canyon open while you fly out”

  2. Tarnish says:

    Ain’t Nothing Gonna Hold Me Down

  3. yungxcve says:

    I Believe I can FLY!

  4. JCDenton says:

    Tilting at windmills

  5. Bob Sagat says:

    Clear for Landing

  6. error1 says:

    survivors of the megapocalypse

  7. Fireball says:


    Shout out to hoops (particularly the NBA).

  8. spookydonkey says:

    A boss in the hand(s)…

  9. shosho says:

    Unleash Your Full Potential…er!

  10. tinostar11 says:

    Solar Eclipse

  11. slorp says:

    Exploding High-Five!

  12. trollofthecentury says:

    So scary, breaks will be shot

  13. EA575 says:

    Auditions for KOF: The Musical

  14. killweir says:

    “Super Contemporary Dance Fighter 2 Turbo”

  15. Raging Hawk says:

    “Rise like the Sun”

  16. Maj says:

    Epic Motivational Seminar and Unleash Your Full Potential…er! were both really funny, but i like the windmills one a lot. I don’t know why; maybe because Alfred’s character design makes him seem like a total Don Quixote type adventurer.

    JCDenton: Please e-mail me your address and i’ll send out your prize within the next day or two. Congratulations!

  17. Maj says:

    JCDenton: Your SFTM DVD is in the mail as of this morning, sir. Sorry about the delay; got owned up by the holiday weekend. Do me a favor and make a quick post when you receive it, yeah?

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