SF2 Rainbow Edition TAS by error1

Although labeled a tool-assisted speedrun, this Street Fighter II’ Rainbow Edition playthrough clearly aims for entertainment over speed. Every character is showcased prominently, and the first two bonus stages even involve second player participation.

SF2RE Guile vs Zangief combos at 3:00, falling barrels bonus stage at 5:26, Zangief linkfest with transformation into Dhalsim at 6:37, and Bison’s costume magic show at 8:11

gameplay by error1

transcript and explanations:

download site:

originally published on August 27th, 2010

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11 Responses to SF2 Rainbow Edition TAS by error1

  1. Maj says:

    I think my favorite part of watching fighting game TASes is seeing them toy with the CPU opponents. That’s the one thing you can’t really get in a standard combo video.

    In this one, i really enjoyed the second round against Ryu, the first round against Vega, and of course the final match against Bison.

  2. jchensor says:

    You know… it seems really funny, now in retrospect taht Ryu’s original ending had the winner’s podium with Bison on it. It’s like… his plans for world domination failed because Ryu defeated him.

    Oh well! Might as well get my 2nd place trophy while I’m here!

    I also like, btw, how he input “ERR” as his name after defeating the 2nd player after the first bonus stage. ^_^

  3. ShaXan says:

    ;O wtf is this broken shit.

    Rainbow version lolwhut.

    How can they be fricking CHANGING CHARACTERS mid battle :0

  4. ShaXan says:

    caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamp the site. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMP.

    lolyeah, the ERR thing was pretty funny. i watched it again and was like wtf flying blanka at 1:58

    • Maj says:

      Haha don’t worry, i’m sure we’ll pick up a few more campers soon. Then we can all blend in and camp undetected …

      (Btw thanks for humoring me and continuing to post comments even though it’s only the handful of us so far.)

  5. ShaXan says:

    lol no prob maj, I actually like commenting on combo videos a lot, but I’m too lazy to make a youtube account, so i camp. waiting for the perfect time to… comment…

    • ShaXan says:

      Also, i actually find it fun to be in a mini community like yours on sonichurricane and this one too, because everyone knows everyone else.

      its nice here because unlike SRK, its like a little village, where we all know each other.

      Anyways Maj, i think you should set up a paypal account for sonichurricane (unless you have already) and have a donation link set up on the front page of this and sh, because then we can donate small amounts instead of buying stuff, like your dvd.

    • Maj says:

      I appreciate the sentiment sir, but it’s already been discussed; i don’t want donations.

      The DVD isn’t that expensive. If someone really has to think twice about spending 20 bucks on something they enjoy every week, then they either don’t use Sonic Hurricane enough to care about it, or they need the money more than i do.

      I just can’t imagine there being too many people who would donate but wouldn’t buy a DVD. Anyway this isn’t the place to discuss it. I still have a ways to go until the DVD is ready, so we’ll figure it out when the time comes.

  6. ShaXan says:

    blargh, feels like im spamming.

    I was wondering if you could give me the dimensions for the banner at the top, because i’m thinking about trying to make a new one for ya. no offense, but the current one looks extremely rushed :/

    • Maj says:

      It’s 940×198, but it’s only temporary. It’ll be replaced within a week. Btw i don’t mind discussing random general subjects, but it would be better to do it someplace like here, here, or here.

  7. ShaXan says:

    mkay, ill be sure to post there in the future for site-related things

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