MatchVid of the Day: Dudley vs Elena (SF3:3S)

Here’s the second match nominated by onreload after winning last week’s screenshot caption. More specifically, he recommended the Dudley/Elena set starting at 6:29.

players: ??? (Dudley-SA3) vs ??? (Elena-SA2)

Neither of these characters has much of anything resembling a defense, so the entire match is totally all-or-nothing in both directions. In the very first round you can see Elena in full control, until Dudley lands a single sweep and then it’s a complete 180° turn! And you have to like the confidence Dudley shows at the end of the round, utterly owning up her reversal super. It’s tiring just watching these two go at it. In fact, Dudley himself looks exhausted at 9:20!

game: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Arcade)

venue: a-cho 3on3 Ranbat Match

recorded on April 10th, 2010

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4 Responses to MatchVid of the Day: Dudley vs Elena (SF3:3S)

  1. Maj says:

    If anyone happens to know the names of these players, please let me know and i’ll update the entry. Thanks in advance.

  2. onreload says:

    Thanks for posting this. Trying to figure out the damn player names is impossible, I found the page on a-cho (here), but the teams don’t seem to be organized the same way. The only Elena player is CASA, so that must be him, but there are a few Dudleys…only one who uses the same colors is Rori (Loli) So it seems to be Loli vs. CASA.

    7:02 Elena slamming her head into Dudley’s elbow.
    8:31 CASA showing off Elena’s huge stun capabilities. (Thankfully Dudley has a large stun bar.)
    9:13 Dudley gets tossed out of Corkscrew Blow, then at 9:26 gets tossed out of some EX move.

  3. Tizoc says:

    I take it supers are invincible to just about anything but normal throws right?
    Otherwise a very nice set =)

  4. onreload says:

    it’s about timing, really. during the super freeze at 9:13, you can see Elena in her “whiffed” throw pose; when you can see that during a freeze (provided you’re in range for a throw), you will most likely get thrown out of it, however it’s usually best to bait a throw attempt and then super as punishment…it’s most common with wake-up fireball supers, and it’s also easier, in some cases, in SFIV, as you can buffer inputs during super/ultra freeze.

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