MatchVid of the Day: Tokido vs ClakeyD (SSF4)

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit – Tokido is entertaining.

players: Tokido (Akuma-U1) vs ClakeyD (Ibuki-U2)

ClakeyD puts in a good performance, but ultimately runs out of tricks. Who would ever expect to see time expire in an Akuma vs Ibuki match? Not only does Tokido make that happen at 6:00, but he somehow extends for another 5 seconds. That dude is a turtle!

game: Super Street Fighter IV (Console)

venue: SoCal Regionals – Top 8 Losers Bracket

recorded yesterday, November 7th, 2010

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6 Responses to MatchVid of the Day: Tokido vs ClakeyD (SSF4)

  1. Maj says:

    I wanted to call this “Tokido vs The Projector (IRL)” but couldn’t bring myself to do it since ClakeyD won a match.

  2. EA575 says:

    This should be MatchVid of the Week :p

    Epic pose by Aku–er, I mean Tokido.

  3. chicobo329 says:

    That Akuma pose on the projector was priceless. That was a great set overall though, ClakeyD was a bit of a dark horse going up in the brackets.

    What did you think of the Filipino Champ vs. Daigo matches (Winner’s Finals and Grand Finals), Maj?

    • Maj says:

      Before it started, i was hoping Daigo would win because he was the underdog at that point. But going all the way up to final set, final match – we got to see the best of both worlds, and it’s cool that an American player finally won a major. Filipino Champ certainly earned it.

      I’m happy with the tournament overall. It’s definitely one of the most memorable top 8 playoffs i’ve witnessed.

  4. n00b_saib0t says:

    match 1 round 2 was bad ass. thats why i love watching akuma, especially a good one like tokido, momochi, or edma.

  5. his1nightmare says:

    Oh wow, such matches are quite what I want to see in the morning to start my day!

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