MatchVid of the Day: Tokido vs Tottori (SF3:3S)

After winning last week’s screenshot caption contest, onreload chose to nominate this “bizarre finals match between Tokido (a fantastic Chun-Li player) and Tottori (a great Ryu).”

players: Tokido (Sean-SA1) vs Tottori (Alex-SA2/Makoto-SA1/Ryu-SA1)

“Tokido uses Sean, and Tottori uses Alex. After match 1, Tottori goes back to his Ryu, but Tokido sticks it out with a beastly Sean. My favorite moment is at 0:58 when Sean backthrows Alex into the corner, but Tokido, realizing he has 0 vital AND 0 pressure possibility with Sean, backs away slowly…” – onreload

game: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Arcade)

venue: Gamer’s Vision Ranbat 9-3 – Final

recorded on October 25th, 2008

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5 Responses to MatchVid of the Day: Tokido vs Tottori (SF3:3S)

  1. onreload says:

    Errr I meant after match 2 (Sean/Makoto), Tottori uses his main character, Ryu. Also, the announcer seems to be having a great (albeit distorted) time. Thanks for posting.

  2. Woe Is You says:

    Tokido using Sean? Did the galaxy just explode or was this a tournament where bullshit was banned?

  3. Juan Fra says:

    Great set!

    3:06 was priceless… Sean is chilling out getting some bar and wins with no extra effort whatsoever. And exactly one minute later (4:06) he wins with c.MP again!

    3 throws in a row starting at 7:02 must have seriously pissed Tottori off. :P

  4. Tizoc says:

    Wait is this the same Tokido that did a Shun Goku Satsu at SoCal?

  5. onreload says:

    Indeed it is. Another SF Renaissance Man

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