MvC2 Variable Atmosphere 2 by Magnetro

Today turned out to be an incredibly slow day, so i’m going to use it as an excuse to spotlight a classic video that i happened to rewatch recently. As with its predecessor, this tool-assisted Marvel vs Capcom 2 exhibition shows highly situational interactions, with a fair number of elaborate combos mixed in. The editing is nice and clean, and the music fits perfectly.

MvC2 Magneto offscreen air combo starter at 1:18, Dhalsim midscreen fun combo at 1:30, Spiral/Dr.Doom interplay at 2:17, Wolverine/Morrigan interplay at 3:55, Spiral deadbody combo at 4:32, Magneto multi-cross combo at 4:47, and armored Colossus flying around at the beginning of the last setup at 4:57

gameplay and editing by Magnetro

Apocalyptica – Apprehension
Apocalyptica – No Education

transcript, explanations, and download site:

originally released on June 27th, 2010

bonus materials:
Variable Atmopshere 2 Explanation Part 1 | Part 2

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3 Responses to MvC2 Variable Atmosphere 2 by Magnetro

  1. Fireball says:

    That second song fits the action so well, totally agree with you there.

    I also loved the moments when Morrigan and Wolverine are both doing separate combos to the respective assists on the same screen. I’m surprised a set-up that stylish doesn’t get used in more MvC2 videos, though the nature of doing long combos on assists might be what prevents it.

  2. Maj says:

    Part of it is the fact that combos on assists are less restricted than “real combos” and part of it is that you’d need two people both successfully executing their combos at the same time. Or program pads and a lot of patience.

  3. Maiden Masher says:

    The Wolverine and Morrigan’s part was insane.

    Very good video, I remembered old AC Slayer’s last videos, watching this one.

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