Game Boy Mortal Kombat 2 TAS by AKheon

Do you like collision detection? Do you appreciate sound? Do you value your time? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, this tool-assisted playthrough is definitely not for you! Seriously, this game couldn’t have been programmed worse if they tried.

MK2 Sub-Zero’s ice trading with Scorpion’s throw at 0:45, Liu Kang mirror fireball war at 3:52, Kitana fan ghetto fan loop at 5:30, and Liu Kang double Fatality at 7:03

gameplay by AKheon

transcript and explanations:

download site:

published yesterday, October 26th, 2010

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10 Responses to Game Boy Mortal Kombat 2 TAS by AKheon

  1. n00b_saib0t says:

    i feel like everything i know about MK2 is wrong now

  2. n00b_saib0t says:

    “Mortal Kombat II was the first game of the Mortal Kombat series to feature fatalities”

    sorry for posting twice in a row, but… REALLY!?


  3. Keiko says:

    @n00b_saib0t: hahaha it’s seems like they never knew about the Blood Code in MK1 A,B,A,C,A,B,B FTW.

  4. Bob Sagat says:

    Fan lift into backbreaker into head crush?! Sick!!!

    Bonar’s a pretty awesome name btw.

  5. Poke says:

    damn.. i played this Gameboy version for a whole summer.
    didn’t know it had babalities :D

  6. Moony says:

    Yo Maj, you think this is bad, but this is MILES better than the gameboy port of MK1. Not only was that game much more unresponsive than this one (think street fighter 1) but it was also much slower, more jumpy, and more censored. Anyway I think handhelds have been very cruel to fighting games, except for the two psp ports of tekken of course.

  7. Maj says:

    There have been a couple of good ones over the years. GBA had SSF2T Revival and SFA3, both of which were amazing accurate. Had all the little nuances, alternate characters, familiar glitches and everything. PSP SFA3 was pretty good as well.

    Then you have these MK ports, which are closer to bootleg Tiger Handheld games than to real fighting games. I understand the hardware limitations and whatnot, but i don’t think that’s a good enough excuse. Why even bother releasing them if they knew this is how they’d turn out?

    • Bob Sagat says:

      Well, basically the developers probably didn’t like it, but their bosses were screaming: “We got a deal to get this shit on Gameboy! Do it!” It was a very popular system and MK was a very popular game, so Midway -or whoever was responsible- probably didn’t give a rat’s about how the gameplay turned out.

    • Maj says:

      All i’m saying is i feel zero guilt about calling it a bad game. I know the game industry is a complicated mess and sometimes the wrong people get blamed for things going awry, but this kind of crap is inexcusable.

  8. onreload says:

    I think the MK series has gotten that sentiment from me more than any other…and I am still, somehow, an MK fan.

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