7 SF Pros Share Their Secrets to Winning on SRK

I don’t know where this idea came from but if John Choi is involved then it can only be awesome! Here’s the link along with a brief explanation of the premise:

7 Street Fighter Pros Share Their Secrets to Winning on Shoryuken

Give us a week, and we’ll give you the secrets to winning by seven Street Fighter pros. With the help of Street Fighter veteran and SRK advisor John Choi, we’ve picked the minds of some of the best Street Fighter Pros in the scene.

How does the Secrets to Winning Series work?
Each day for the next seven days, one of these tournament champions and experts will share their tips and secrets, to winning at Street Fighter. Each post is specifically designed to make you a better player and is broken up in three parts: General Tips, Character Specific Tips, and John Choi’s Key Takeaway.

The first chapter was posted today, featuring Arizona’s famous Abel player, Juicebox. It contains general advice as well as a few Abel matchup pointers. Go check it out.

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