SFA Random Combos #01 by Keiko

If anything in this video seems strange, that’s because five different arcade/console versions of Street Fighter Alpha were used produce the large variety of bizarre combos shown.

SFA Dan vs Birdie at 0:28, Auto-Mode Charlie vs Bison at 0:48, Chun Li vs Birdie at 1:41, Rose vs Sodom at 1:49, and Charlie vs Sodom at 2:05

combos and editing by Keiko

soundtrack: Guilty Gear OST – A Fixed Idea

transcript and explanations:

originally released on August 23rd, 2010

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One Response to SFA Random Combos #01 by Keiko

  1. Maj says:

    After watching it a couple more times, what stands out to me now is the Rose slide setup against Sodom at 0:37 where Rose’s friends kind of all converge. Another thing that looks cool is Rose vs Akuma at 1:30, how his superfreeze happens so late and her reflect is somehow still in effect.

    Also i like that Ryu vs Sodom combo at 1:18 because i remember seeing it in an old TZW video. But i remember trying it and it was way harder than it looked.

    SFA1 still brings back a lot of memories. Even though in retrospect it’s not such a great game, i still have a soft spot for seeing it in videos.

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