RPS Perspective on Fighting Game Strategy on SH

There’s a new strategy article on Sonic Hurricane which explores various fighting game challenges through rock-paper-scissors comparisons. Here’s the link and a brief quote:

RPS Perspective on Fighting Game Strategy on Sonic Hurricane

Truthfully, RPS metaphors are only useful for deconstructing fighting games to illustrate the challenges presented by human competition. RPS models are great if you want to entertain people by translating your successes and failures into academic terms.

It’s much harder to go the other direction – from RPS theory fighter to developing a practical gameplan. Converting game specifics to RPS babble and back to game specifics is so much extra work that you’d be better off sticking with game specifics throughout.

However if you’re new to the competitive aspect of fighting games, it is important to grasp exactly what you’re getting into – and RPS can be useful in that regard.

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