Basic Urien Combos by K-6

Looks like i missed one. Apparently this was made by special request at some point between rKf’s Combo Vid No.4 and No.5, when someone asked him for advice on beating Yang. He says, “The whole thing took only an hour from recording to encoding but I think it’s good stuff.”

SF3:3S Urien clever backdash at 0:27, Urien double Aegis usage at 0:35, Urien throw juggle setup at 0:55, and Urien vs Yang divekick punish at 1:14

combos and editing by rKf

originally released in February, 2010

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4 Responses to Basic Urien Combos by K-6

  1. Bob Sagat says:

    The double Aegis was sick! One of the most beautiful combos I’ve ever seen.

    • Bob Sagat says:

      Oh, one question: Why do some combos involve whiffing Aegis, like the last one? Is it to cancel a special or something? What am I not seeing?

  2. rKf says:

    You get to perform the next tackle right away by doing so.
    In matches you would probably do so. Well I would.

    In the vid you get enough meter for another Aegis for the unblockable setup
    which if Yang cannot parry the Kneedrop will lead to instant death.

  3. onreload says:

    rKf, it’s always nice to hear from the video maker himself.

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