SFA2 Combo Review ~ Chapter 2: Sakura by Keiko

Barely ten days after the first chapter, Keiko is back with another comprehensive tutorial containing nearly every practical combo option available to Sakura in Street Fighter Alpha 2.

SFA2 Sakura s.HK, c.LK link at 2:38, SFZ2A Sakura meaty backwards s.HK, c.HP xx lvl3 uppercut super at 3:56, and all the advanced stuff starting from 4:17

Parts of this video were recorded from the lesser-known Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha update, but most of these combos still work in Street Fighter Alpha 2. You can tell them apart by the orange “Level 0” super meter font in SFZ2A, as opposed to blue in the original SFA2.

combos and editing by Keiko

soundtrack: Kodiak Star – The Divide

transcript and explanations:

released today, September 29th, 2010

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6 Responses to SFA2 Combo Review ~ Chapter 2: Sakura by Keiko

  1. Keiko says:

    As a note to the Version differences, the vs. Birdie Link @ 4:11 only works vs him, in SFZ2A Only and is very Position dependant.
    BTW, if you like some of the Fanarts/Artworks i used on the video, i made this little album in photobucket with all of them: http://s989.photobucket.com/albums/af20/KeikoMars/Sakura%20%20Movie%20Artwork/
    Cheers and thanks a lot for the feedback Maj.

  2. Bob Sagat says:

    Good stuff! That st.HK vs rolling Rolento is pretty insane.

    It always surprised me how Sakura’s hadouken still connects after that long startup and from what kind of ridiculous range she can still connect her entire shoryuken.

    Btw, little editing mistake at 5:42? Right at the start of the last segment, we see Bison on the left and Sakura on the right, while the screen is dissolving. Then suddenly they switch places.

    Totally stupid but, I never noticed that pervert watching Sakura from his window in the right hand corner of her stage before…

  3. Tizoc says:

    Nice stuff, and its in HD to boot. What programs/software did you use for the recording and editing?

  4. Poke says:

    play more GGPO Alpha2. it’s a good game!

  5. Keiko says:

    @Bob Sagat: haha yeah that was a stupid editing mistake i made with the Transitions.
    @Tizoc: I used Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro (mp4 1280×720,60fps,10.000.000bp) and for capturing the combos i used Hoekey/Virtualdub.
    @Poke: Oh yeah, GGPO has a very little but solid SFA2 Scene with a lot of great players around like 0Men, clorets, RSX etc, it’s a shame i cant play there.

  6. onreload says:

    Ah, I never noticed the super gauge having a different color between versions; the only way I could ever tell was by the health bars turning blue in Zero 2 Alpha, instead of Red in Alpha 2.

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