SF1 Ryu’s 3-Hit Instant Kill Dragon Punch

Have you ever wondered how Sagat got his scar? Or why that SF1 Shoryuken did so much damage in SF? Ryu Exhibition? Well, this little video answers both questions. It even contains the entire boss battle, ending, and credits sequence from the original Street Fighter game!

SF1 Sagat’s 8-bit concession speech at 0:42 and the brief Ken vs Gen cameo at 1:57

Combos didn’t exist back in 1987 because Street Fighter 1 made hit stun completely invincible. Somehow the Shoryuken (aka Dragon Punch) bypasses that rule. It can hit multiple times when it catches an opponent in the middle of certain moves. For some reason they don’t get knocked away instantly like they’re supposed to. Since each hit inflicts over 40% damage, landing three hits amounts to certain death.

gameplay and annotations by Maj

originally released on August 15th, 2009

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