MatchVid of the Day: Chris Hu vs Sanford (SF4)

Now that everyone is used to Super Street Fighter IV’s reduced overall damage, especially for uppercuts, it’s interesting to take a look back at how strong Sagat used to be. For my money, no one had a scarier Sagat than Sanford Kelly.

players: Chris Hu (Ryu) vs Sanford Kelly (Sagat)

Throughout the set, Chris Hu show he has gdlk reactions and extreme calmness. Sanford Kelly, however, seems to be able to hit an uppercut from anywhere on the screen, and in vanilla it doesn’t take very many of them to get the job done. Sagat’s unlikely comeback at 2:47 shows you how one gutsy uppercut can change everything.

game: Street Fighter IV (Console)

venue: Battlefield Arcadia #13 – Losers’ Finals

recorded on April 3rd, 2010

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6 Responses to MatchVid of the Day: Chris Hu vs Sanford (SF4)

  1. Maj says:

    Haha i didn’t know you were a Sanford fan. That poor guy has the worst luck ever.

    Although my favorite part of this video is the announcer saying, “There’s the WHAAAT!?? Why not man??” at 3:45 after Chris Hu misses an FADC. So i guess Sanford did finally get a little luck going his way here.

    • chicobo329 says:

      The announcer is Seb and he has some really great and funny commentary. He’s one my favorite stream commentators because has a mix of knowledge and fun that I think is balanced just the right way. It’s a shame he (and FrameAdvantage streams in general) are on a bit of a hiatus.

      I saw this particular match unfold back when it was streaming and I have to say it’s always a pleasure watching Sanford and Chris go at it as they are among New York’s finest.

  2. fenris says:

    Man that match was good props to chris hu’s reaction time on hitting his ultra off of those tigers shots was insane, also Sagat is(was) a monster not like st Akuma monster or anything but still a monster

  3. n00b_saib0t says:

    personally, i think sagat and ryu were perfect in SF4. i dont know why everyone wanted them beat with the nerf bat, what we needed was for everyone else to be perfect as well. characters should have an answer to everything, not remove a characters existing answer because another character doesnt have one.

    this match shows that IMO, you have sagat and ryu with an answer to everything the other did.

    • fenris says:

      I’m not for the nerf bat either, I liked sagat and ryu as they were. It’s the player not the character anyway

    • Doctorcow says:

      There’s definitely something wrong when girls do equal, if not more damage than an uppercut from a 7-foot tall man-mountain. When someone that big hits you, it should hurt!

      Definitely hoping for some Tiger Uppercut buffs in the upcoming Arcade Edition

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