Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Japanese Trailer

This was posted on Capcom-Unity just now, at inexplicably late hours of the night. Apparently it’s meant to explain the two new features included in the Nintendo 3DS version of SSF4.

What the hell is going on this video? Statues fighting each other through backpacks? What?

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5 Responses to Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Japanese Trailer

  1. Maj says:

    So this version won’t have Yun or Yang? I can’t find either of them in the massive character collage at the beginning.

  2. Fireball says:

    My dream is that you’ll get to build up characters like in World Tour mode of the console A3. Then I guess they’d fight through backpacks. Although raising a team of SF characters like Pokemon is basically my wildest fantasies come true, passively fighting based on proximity doesn’t seem like much of a selling point outside of the DS-dense population of Japan’s metro areas. I hope we get some details on what that feature set is sometime.

    Also, hopefully Yun and Yang get included. Not including them or any other Arcade-release changes seems like an unfortunate misstep.

  3. Bob Sagat says:

    To me it basically looks like an automated version of theory fighter, without all the pointless arguments and with a clear winner and loser.

  4. Maj says:

    Sir, i think you underestimate the resilience of theory fighter. People on opposite sides of the country will insist that their statue would win based on what they’ve observed on u2b. People on forums will construct elaborate statue tier lists. People will find a way to have pointless arguments about whose backpack is superior.

  5. chicobo329 says:

    The strange backpack fighter thing seems to relate to a recently revealed feature of the 3DS in which it basically has Wifi on the whole time, similar to the Wii and its WiiConnect 24. What I assume is that putting the 3DS in sleep mode while SSFIV is in will automatically initiate and download data, causing this um…statue fighting thingy.

    Unrelated but another feature that was announced along with the 3DS is that it will have a Virtual Console of Game Boy/Gameboy Color (and I’m almost sure Gameboy Advance) games. I wonder if SSF2TR or those cool KOF EX games will ever get a VC port?

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