SSF4 Super Freeze Set 1 by Snoooootch

Have you ever wanted to see Ryu’s super fireball or Chun Li’s lightning kicks in slow motion?

Longtime Super Street Fighter IV players know that superfreeze takes up one frame of game time, but stretches it over a full second. This allows you to observe the opponent animating from one frame to the next in slow motion, displaying animations which normally don’t exist. Snoooootch has taken this concept and stitched together slow motion replays of Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken, Blanka’s Ground Shave Roll, and Chun Li’s Senretsukyaku.

gameplay and editing by Snoooootch

originally released on August 25th, 2010

full set:
Super Freeze – Shinku Hadoken | Ground Shave Roll | Senretsukyaku

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7 Responses to SSF4 Super Freeze Set 1 by Snoooootch

  1. Numsigmernen says:

    Whoa. That must have taken a lot of time! Great idea, and good job doing it.

    I still feel sad that the game’s slow motion (in replays) doesn’t produce super-smooth animation like the super freeze.

    By the way, does every super freeze always stretch exactly one frame of game time? From the earlier discussions at I got the impression that certain supers (like Rose’s, Dhalsim’s and Ryu’s, if I recall correctly) took longer. (And “instant” grab supers, like Zangief’s and Akuma’s, completely froze time, just like ultras)

    • Maj says:

      Ah yeah, i’m not entirely sure either. As far as i know, the general case is one frame but there may be exceptions like you cited.

  2. Snoooootch says:

    Thank you maj! Because of you it made it to Shoryuken also! And yeah, I’ve been trying to figure out how to compress video from my dazzle so that I can do the rest in hd. I also wanted to make them as an ineractive video. Just like The Shadaloo did that one video for blanka where you click on the character during the video, and it takes you to a separate video that shows you how to interrupt blankas U2 before it chips you. I want to do the same thing but with the super freezes.

    • Maj says:

      No problem sir. Lately my batting average is somewhere around 100% as far as that’s concerned. Almost everything on ComboVid gets reposted everywhere. It’s kinda cool, since my whole goal was to generate more exposure for other combo makers’ projects.

  3. Snoooootch says:

    Oh! So MikeyG1221, the guy who makes my music, wants to the complete set of these. He and I have been working on one for Juri in HD. I’m done with the capturing, and he’s still editing the music. He’s basically taking the OST of the characters and slowing the tempo on them while adding his own style. There fore it mixes with the super freeze into a mellow yet intense mood. I’ll let you know when we finish this one. It should be out by tonight.

  4. Dammit says:

    “Have yall ever tried to like, hold down and then press up and the kick button at the same time? And then like try to pause the game?

    I mean I never tried it, but I’m just saying, have yall ever tried it…”

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