Screenshot Archive: Kizuna Encounter

Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle is a weapon-based tag team fighting game developed by SNK in 1996. I have to admit, i had never played the game before taking these screenshots.


KE Raged Chung’s Hakukoh Dan leaps toward Joker’s K in Chocho Henka state. (While Raged, Chung has an added special move which transforms his opponent into a chicken.)


KE King Leo’s God Breath starting up behind Jyazu’s Jaga Zetsumei Chuu desperation move. These two are the hidden bosses of Kizuna Encounter, so they fight solo.


KE Kim Young-Mok’s Counter Dangetsu Zan is triggered by blocking Gozu’s Metsu Sassou, which might be the coolest-looking special move in the game.


KE Eagle’s Axe Boom trades with Mezu’s Higoromo, setting fire to Mezu and freezing Eagle. You can spot a few raindrops in the background too, adding to the elemental effects.

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