Screenshot Archive: SFA3 Revisited

Extending the Street Fighter Alpha 3 screenshots are two remaining from the original batch and three responses to a recent request.


SFA3 X-Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadoken briefly mirrors A-Akuma’s lvl3 Messatsu Gouhadou. Akuma’s version expands to that size every few frames, but Ryu’s only looks that way for a couple of frames at startup, before turning into a replica of his SSF2T super fireball.


SFA3 V-Vega whiffs LK Scarlet Terror over V-Cammy’s wakeup animation, after his VC2 shadow c.HK swept her from the other side. I tried lots of elaborate setups to replace Vega’s Scarlet Terror with the recovery backflip of HP Sky High Claw (simply because it’s slightly lower to the ground), but couldn’t get the spacing right.


SFA3 X-Sodom wakes up with HK Tengu Walking after counterhit MP Jigoku Scrape knockdown while A-Sodom wakes up with HK Tengu Walking after counterhit HP Jigoku Scrape knockdown. Sodom fights with katana under X-Ism instead of his trademark jitte under A-Ism and V-Ism.


SFA3 V-R.Mika whiffs MK Shooting Peach as VC1 elapses, while time expires and X-Karin poses her victory animation as her servant runs out with a first aid kit.


SFA3 A-Cammy summons M.Bison through her victory animation as V-Vega jumps over her and begins posing his Time Over loss animation. There’s nothing technically noteworthy about this scenario; i just thought it looked cool.

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  1. Maj says:

    Apparently flickr quietly changed the way they store source files without bothering to issue any warning. The original image is no longer accessible by clicking the “All Sizes” icon on its individual flickr page.

    I’m still uploading lossless PNG files but now they’re automatically converted to much larger JPG files for no reason. SFA3 Mika vs Karin was the first screenshot processed under their new policy. Previously uploaded images haven’t been altered.

    I’m just writing all of this down in case someone notices the change and wonders what happened. Hopefully they’ll find their way here.

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