Interview with James “jchensor” Chen

Everyone knows jchensor, right? It doesn’t matter what aspect of fighting games you enjoy; he’s been involved in everything. Well, here’s an open interview with the man himself.

Interview with James “jchensor” Chen on Sonic Hurricane

Maj: Are you planning on making any more combo videos, or are you done with those for the foreseeable future?

jchensor: I think if I found an appropriate topic, I would love to make another Combo Video. The whole reason for making the 2-Hit Combo Video, however, was because I knew I could no longer keep up with the crazy combos people were coming up with in games anymore.

I simply just didn’t have the time to dedicate to finding weird Combos anymore. Experimenting with things for Combo Videos takes a great deal of time, and trying to keep up competitively at the same time is almost impossible.

But yeah, if I could ever find something that is worthy of a Combo Video that I feel very passionate about, I can totally see myself making another Combo Video in the future. I still get requests for the Ode to the 3-Hit Combo Video. ^_^

Follow the link above to read the rest of the interview, including questions about stream commentary, tournament play, and even character design. I would’ve posted the whole thing here, but i didn’t want double ComboVid’s word count in one shot.

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  1. darcontek says:

    More interviews Please~!

  2. Maj says:

    Actually i’m planning on posting an interview every Wednesday from now on. They’ll have to be quite a bit shorter than this one, but i think they’ll be good. Stay tuned!

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