SF? Ryu Exhibition (Evo2k9+OHN8 Edition)

Premiered at Evolution 2009 and OzHadou Nationals 8 on the very same day, this expansive combovid features nearly every major fighting game Ryu has ever appeared in.

SF1 Ryu vs Ken at 1:46, SF2HF Ryu vs Dhalsim at 2:00, SSF2T Ryu vs Vega at 2:35, CvSPro Ryu vs Ryo at 2:57, XSF Ryu vs Juggernaut at 3:21, and SF4 Ryu vs Dhalsim at 5:50

combos and editing by Maj

Calcius Repton – Ryu Is Strong
Street Fighter II V OST – Ryu & Ken Theme

transcript and explanations:

download site:

originally debuted on July 19th, 2009 at OHN8 and Evo2k9 concurrently

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