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Basic Full Damage Combo Video by Master Akuma

It’s been a very long time since Master Akuma has released a new combo video. He’s always had a soft spot for oldschool fighting games, as you can tell from the intro. Even though most of these combos are fairly … Continue reading

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SSF4AE2012 Experiments in the Lab 5 by luparez

The fifth in a series of combo and mixup videos, this episode covers over a dozen characters in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012. It’s always fun to watch some of the more stylish aspects of the combo system … Continue reading

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KoF XIII: King Combo Video by Persona

I never found King an interesting character, both in terms of character and gameplay. But I’ll admit that I really loved the way SNK has changed her in XIII. Her ‘new’ look is nice and her ‘new’ gameplay is very … Continue reading

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