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The third sin themed CMV by two members of KERBEROS sees a movie focusing exclusively on collisions as combo starters. Highlights: Tag cross-over @0:49; CH Deathfist to 75% damage non-wall combo @1:27; original “Ancient Thesis” combo @1:56; Death combo @3:27 … Continue reading

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ST T.Hawk 720 Screenshot Set by Bob Sagat

All of the attempted 720s in these screenshots connect. Both grapplers in ST cannot waste their meter, when their Super starts up, their opponent goes for a ride. Here we also see that sprites don’t always accurately represent their hitboxes, … Continue reading

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Multi Game/Character Community Combo Video: Guys Only

Hey, peeps. Bringing a new community combo vid after about a six month absence with a good few contributors with games ranging from the more known like Persona 4 Arena and BBCS Extend to the lesser known such as Rumble … Continue reading

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TTT2 – TZCP Trailer

Combo artists from around the globe unite. The tradition of the Tekken Zaibatsu Community Project lives on. Started during Tekken 5, it is only fitting we do one for TTT2. Highlights: High Damage tag combo @1:37; Near-death combo @2:10; Creative … Continue reading

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TTT2 – Ancient Thesis by sithlord

A study of Ancient Ogre’s B+1,2~b TAG ASSAULT cancel to relaunching the opponent on the wall for more potential options. Highlights: high damage Bryan combo @1:25; Kuma High launch after splat @1:50; Technical Michelle combo @3:25; Paul death combo @4:01 … Continue reading

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DBZ:IW GT Vegeta Tutorial

GT Vegeta is one of the more technical characters in Dragonball Z: Infinite World, and AquaTeamV3’s video tutorial gives an overview of how to play him. This includes combos, setups, and his neutral game. Combos and editing by AquaTeamV3 Soundtrack: … Continue reading

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KoF XIII: Clark Still Combo Video by Persona

A very simple character but that doesn’t mean his combos are easy to do! He only has three techs that’s worth noting and that’s stun combos, kara cancelling his Vulcan Punch (cancel the Vulcan Punch into another special right before … Continue reading

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