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Tekken Tag 2 Multi-Character Combo Video by KYSG

Deep Theater from KYSG has returned to the CMV Arena punching and kicking. Clocking in at nearly 11:00 minutes of ruthless combo madness, this video is sure to set the standard for future releases. Highlights: 2:01 Multiple tag assault crossovers, … Continue reading

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Tekken Tag 2 Jin Kazama Combo Video by SuperOgreKiller

SuperOgreKiller from Team A.C.E. returns to Tekken CMVs after a break. Swinging into high gear, we get Jin Kazama and multiple tag partners in Namco’s newest 3D fighter. Highlights: 0:54 Stylistic Low Parry combo, 1:19 Cross stage & wall break … Continue reading

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TvC Advanced Megaman Volnutt Tutorial by AquaTeamV3

A tutorial for one of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom’s most complex characters, Megaman Volnutt, has been released by AquaTeamV3. This video goes over some useful techniques for handling the character, as well as displaying viable combos. Combos and editing by AquaTeamV3 … Continue reading

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Marvel Super Heroes Revival Vol.2 by Wolverine-Master

A tool assisted combo video to bring hype to Marvel vs Capcom Origins. Very good use of the gems were used here. highlights: Wolverine craziness at 1:35, Shuma Gorath 10hit Touch Of Death at 2:40, and Magneto flight mode madness … Continue reading

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UMvC3 Wesker Must Die by Wolverine-Master

I’ve been working on this for quite some time. It was supposed to be aired at EVO but it didn’t feel complete. Basically, it’s a revenge theme against Wesker – with No TAC’s, No THC’s, No DHC’s, and No X-Factor. … Continue reading

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