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Continue? Episode 6 by Chubby Boy Films

The fourth episode of Continue? has Greg and Brett discussing the fighting games they wish existed, based on different intellectual properties that don’t already have fighting games associated with them. (And they come up with some hilarious random ideas.) If … Continue reading

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AiGS Crystal Combos by Remxi

Here’s something you won’t see every day: Avengers in Galactic Storm combos! This game had a lot of crazy stuff in it, including ridiculously overpowered assist supers, gigantic pixelated text, obscure 90’s Avengers, and three dees! It’s worth watching for … Continue reading

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Skullgirls All Character Combo Video by desk

Weighing in at five action-packed minutes, it’s obvious that desk put a lot of effort into making this Skullgirls combo exhibition. It features every character in the game, performing a variety of combos, utilizing a diverse assortment of setups that … Continue reading

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SF4 TACV 18: Seth by Maj

As the primary end boss of the Street Fighter IV series, Seth’s moveset contains a lot of crazy nonsense – including an EX move that grounds airborne opponents. The eighteenth episode of the SF4 Biyearly TACV series features Seth excelling … Continue reading

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Alive and Well – SSF4AE2012 ComboVid

It’s been four months since Smileymike’s last combovid, but he’s teamed up with Snoooootch and Dreamking23 to show that he isn’t done making Street Fighter IV combos yet. Containing both tool-assisted and manually executed combos, this video was premiered at … Continue reading

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SFxT Tekken Characters Team CMV by jadeshikonapan

Apparently this video is jadeshikonapan’s “final work in SFxT.” While it’s sad to see him neglect the entire Capcom roster, you couldn’t ask for a much better closing chapter than this. highlights: SFxT Paul/Law 44-hit corner linkfest at 2:32, Steve/Hwoarang … Continue reading

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UMvC3 Multi Character Combo Video by TQ

If you recognize the name TQ from his Devil May Cry exhibitions, it should come as no surprise that the majority of this Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 combovid focuses on the DMC members of the roster. However, it does … Continue reading

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SFxT Bob Combo Video by Nos99

MvC3 Modok master Nos99 has taken his talents to Street Fighter x Tekken with this action packed Bob combovid – featuring all sorts of chains, links, juggles, OTG’s, and belly flops. highlights: SFxT Bob extended midscreen juggle at 0:56, Bob … Continue reading

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SFxT Tekken Characters Solo CMV by jadeshikonapan

This six-minute Street Fighter x Tekken combo video features one lengthy tool-assisted solo combo with each Tekken character, pushing their capabilities to the limit. It’s pretty amazing. highlights: SFxT Asuka 25-hit midscreen beatdown at 1:46, Raven 31-hit crossunder style exhibition … Continue reading

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SG Fillia Combo Video by Persona

Skullgirls is out on PSN and XBLA! It’s only been two days and Persona has already made an awesome combo video starring Filia, the defacto main character on the roster. Due to the game’s innovative combo system, you’ll find a … Continue reading

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